Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Animal Friends

Here are some photos of the animals we saw while at the zoo. As you can see, the prairie dogs were especially cute on Saturday.

So while we were nearing the end of our visit, the severe weather sirens started going off and an announcement was made that there was a severe weather alert and to seek shelter. Max and Sophie immediately start to freak out. Max is yelling "That's the tornado alert - severe weather?! An F3 tornado is considered a severe tornado! We need to seek shelter! There is usually hail before a tornado!" Sophie begins crying and screaming "I'm scared! Let's get out of here!" Calvin, in the meantime has spotted an enormous caterpillar crawling along the sidewalk and has sat down to watch it. I tell Max and Sophie that everything is OK and we need to wait for Calvin as he does not want to leave the caterpillar. So Max, hysterical at the thought of being caught in a tornado, runs over to the caterpillar and kicks it - killing it. As I scold him for hurting the poor caterpillar he cries "I would rather kill the caterpillar to save my whole families lives!!!"

Pretty dramatic visit. By the way, there was no tornado, just a bit of rain as we walked to the car.

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