Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big News in the Bug Realm!

Big, happy news in one little girl's life this week! On Friday both Sophie's butterfly and her moth hatched from their respective chrysalises. So much excitement! Luckily, Sophie had a butterfly house to put them in and she has been fussing non-stop about them ever since. She sent a cute email to the scientist at the UofM announcing their arrival.

Sophie's email to the entomologist:

"Dear Ann,The Butterfly and the moth just hatched! Luckily, I got a Butterfly Treehouse last Christmas,so I was prepared for this sort of thing. By the way,THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for all the bugs I got to keep, although the water bugs disappeared the day after my AWESOME visit.Then, a couple days after that, the moth flew away and the tiny white bugs turned to mush.All that I could save were the chrysalises, which,as I said before,JUST HATCHED! (But before that,the moth chrysalis used to do the boogie woogie when you squeezed it slightly at the bottom) So,basically, all I did was get out my Butterfly Treehouse and threw some food and some flowers dipped in sugar water in.Let me know if I can do any more or if I can throw in some better food. With love for bugs,Sophia"

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