Friday, March 7, 2008


I hate being tagged - only because it gets put on my "to-do" list and honestly, that list is OUT. OF. CONTROL.

So I was tagged by Masha . . .

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C: At the end of the post, the player then tags other people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 Years Ago: Let's see, I was 25 - this is the year that I married Bryan (in August) and we were living in Salt Lake City at the time. I worked for Daymon Associates and Bryan was in school and working for Sprint.

On My To-Do List:
Major goals:

1. Get caught up on scrapbooking (I'm two years behind)
2. Lose 20 pounds or 30. Start running. run a 5K. Learn to love food less than being thin.
3. Become more regimented with FHE, weekly meal planning, chores, rewards for the kids and scripture reading.
4. Get pregnant before my 36th birthday - this one is out of my hands as we have been trying for a year.

Everyday goals:
1. Fix the family room wall (the shelves have been off for about 9 months leaving big holes in the wall). Hang the mirror in the living room. Fix the weather stripping on the front door and the van.
2. Iron Bryan's shirts - back up all of my digital photos onto CDs as well as the external hard drive.
3. If we do not succeed with goal #4 above, sort through and give away the 20 bins of kids clothing in the storage room!
4. Replace all of our first edition low-flow toilets with the newer models.

5 places that I've lived: Salt Lake City, UT, South Burlington, VT, Concord, NH, Eagan, MN, Austin, TX

5 jobs I have had: TA at BYU in the Humanities Department for Dr. Call, Portuguese language instructor at the MTC, summer volunteer coordinator for the Vermont Symphony Orchestra Summer Tour, Assistant to the VP at Dynatec in SLC, ID checker/greeter at "Bambinos" nightclub in Vermont - don't ask

What I would do if I became a billionaire: pay off all of our debts, invest, donate to causes close to my heart, pay off the mortgages of my family members and Bryan's, travel all over the world both with the kids and without, buy a house with a real laundry room and mud room, go to culinary school, sign Sophie up for piano and gymnastics, allow Bryan to get a PHD in Physics just for fun, get a boob lift . . . this list could go on forever!

Bad habits: I eat when I read and when I'm on the computer and when I watch movies. I procrastinate. I never wash my face before I go to bed. I am addicted to air-popped popcorn with real butter and salt.

Things I enjoy: Doing almost any crafts: scrapbooking, card making, photography etc. READING! I love watching movies with Bryan. I love being outdoors and I love to travel and see new places. I love to entertain and to cook big elaborate meals for company. I love planting flowers but I hate weeding. I love the farmers market. I love playing games with good friends.

Things people don't know about me: I have never been to California or Florida. I listen to NPR or musicals in the car (right now Hairspray and Wicked are my favorites). I got an ipod for Christmas and there is still no music on it!

People I am tagging: Shannon, Kelly, Kim A. and Rachael


  1. You forgot that you lived in Brazil!! How could you!?

  2. I'll have to answer the tag when my brother's birthday is well over. Just a few days. I know you're holding your breath! I got all nostalgic reading about you being 25. We were hanging out together back then! I'll never forget Wy-Wy (the dog that always attacked everyone that walked in.) and running away to your house whenever marriage was too much. Please, tell us about Bambinos. A whole new post with the whole story.