Monday, March 10, 2008

March in Minnesota

For all of you living in warmer climates, this is a real look at the month of March in Minnesota. The kids are absolutely stir crazy from being indoors for so long so at the slightest warm day (above 20), the kids go outside to play. Although I love to see the kids go outdoors, I am a bit reluctant knowing that they will soon be freezing and coming back inside with a mountain of wet, cold winer gear and tracking snow all over the place.

Today the temperature climbed above 40 for a few hours and I saw kids in capris walking to school!

Here they are climbing on our play yard and sliding down the slide in their snow gear.

They dug out the beach toys and used snow instead of sand.

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  1. K- I am feeling for you all and wish you could just hop on a plane to come see us in PHX. We would love it! The next couple of days we are in the 80's. CRAZY! We go swimming already almost every day. Miss you!