Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Becoming a Bobcat!

Big changes are happening in Max's life right now. He turned 8 years old and now has a new commitment with Cub Scouts every Wednesday nights. Luckily for me, Susan has to go over to the church anyway on Wednesdays and she has generously been giving Max a ride (hooray!) Our friend Ken is in charge of the Cub Scout program so we know Max will be in good hands. He has only been to one meeting and then this last Tuesday was the Blue and Gold banquet. Max earned his Bobcat award and was very proud. I think Cub Scouts will be good for him.

I have to admit that I was so not thrilled about having to take all of the kids over to the church on a weeknight (Bryan was at work) and sit through a banquet. I also admit that I am not excited about having another commitment to deal with for the kids. I seriously need an attitude adjustment.
I put the numbers on his shirt on the wrong sleeve and needs to buy some glue remover. Lame. Go Cub Scouts (that's my pep-talk for me)!


  1. congrats to max. we just got out of the cub scout program with jake and i can't say that i'm all that broken up about it (boy scouts is much less demanding on parents). anyhoo, i have indirectly worked in the cub scout program and i have a lot of respect for the program. i do think it's a good organization and i hope max enjoys it.

  2. Congratulations Max! That is awesome! We need to get Greg into it.