Monday, April 9, 2012

Color the Eggs

This year we managed to actually dye Easter Eggs.  It is one of those messy traditions that I've sort of skipped over the past few years (carving pumpkins is another one).  On Sunday after church I let the kids color warm eggs freshly boiled 5 minutes before.  Even Max who is teetering on that edge of being too old for such things, got involved with the fun.

You should know: those daffodils from Trader Joe's make me happy.  They are less that $2 a bunch and just look at how gorgeous they are!  I am spoiled this week as I also have beautiful tulips in the house.

As soon as the kids colored the eggs and we snapped a few photos, I peeled them and chopped them up for potato salad.  My kids are not huge fans of hard-boiled eggs.  Sophie and Calvin will eat the white part with a little salt, but they prefer their eggs scrambled.



  1. I didn't know you could get too old for dying eggs... my husband was nagging at our kids to make sure to leave him some to color! Anyway, they turned out gorgeous and it looks like the kids had fun. I'm glad you snapped a few pictures to share.

  2. Your children are so cute! thanks for sharing their pictures.

    so how do you get Easter eggs such an intense color? These are really pretty.


    aunt Barb