Friday, December 3, 2010

Chritmas Advent and Counting Craft

We made this craft on the last day of November, but it is not too late to make one now.

First make your chain. I just used regular construction paper in white, green and red. I precut the paper into 2 inch strips. Each child needs 25 strips (or however many days are left until Christmas).

Tell the children to think of some sort of pattern like red, white, green or red, red, green, green, white, white - whatever. Or, if you have young kids, just let them go with a random pattern. We just used a swipe of glue stick at the end of each strip to hold the chain together. The paper is so lightweight that this works fine.

Once they have their chains done, give each child 25 circles of yellow construction paper. With a black marker, have them write one number on each circle - up to 25. For the younger kids, I put out a sheet of paper with the numbers written on it for them to use as a guide.

When they are all done, have them glue their numbers to their chains. In order, one number per link. Done!

Now, each morning, let them tear off one link as they count down to Christmas Day. Calvin has his hanging in the kitchen where he enthusiastically tears off a link each morning at breakfast.

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