Monday, May 19, 2008

What's Blooming in the Garden

I can still hardly believe that spring has arrived, but the gardens have blossomed this last week! The rabbits have eaten a good number of the tulips this year and the hard, long winter has killed off some of the daintier plants, but the hardy varieties made it through and are gorgeous!


  1. gorgeous pics. as usual. the darn rabbits ate all my grape hyacinths. time to send ken outside to do a little rabbit huntin'

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  3. I love the tulips! You guys definitely have a late Spring. Nobody in Rochester can complain anymore!
    We have a lot of people from the west who bellyache about our winters and late spring arrivals, but it could be worse!

  4. so glad spring has arrived and you have flowers blooming. minnesota has long winters indeed.

    can i join your card club?? the cards are very cute. you might need to make a label to file all your cards under for those of us who would like to copy them.