Friday, May 18, 2007

Musical Notes

May has been a big month for all thing musical in our family. Max had his first piano recital on the 7th. He started taking piano last summer and has been doing really well and usually likes to practise. He was the only one at his recital who played without music. The first photo above is Max with his piano teacher, Mary Friend. Half of our ward takes lessons from her so we had our own recital (a non-Sunday recital) which was a lot of fun as it was not as long and all of the kids were kids we knew from church!

The following night he was in the first grade music program at Red Pine. There are 175 first graders at likes toRed Pine and how this music teacher got them all to sing and do choreography is beyond me. I am lucky if I can get Max and Sophie to make their beds! The whole family was able to come and watch though there were no seats available so we had to stand on the side. Calvin thought the whole thing was a bit loud at times! They sang 14 songs!!