Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Triple Falls Hike

Last Saturday we headed up into the gorge for a hike with friends.  We started at Horsetail Falls and hiked up to Triple Falls and back.  It was a beautiful day to be outside!

This is Horsetail Falls - the kids love waterfalls where they can hike behind the falls.  Can you find Calvin in the photo below?

It is always more fun for the kids when we can meet up with other friends with children for our hikes.

Sophie has taken a fancy to the Oregon slugs and tends to collect them as we hike.  She has learned the hard way to pick them up with a leaf to avoid having to scrub her hand with salt to get the slug slime off.

Max collects sticks and pretends he is Harry Potter.

Triple Falls.  We stopped here for lunch - not a bad view!

This is the new bridge above Triple Falls.

The kids loved to explore down by the waters edge.  We were quite close to the top of Triple Falls and the water was very fast.  People ask me all the time if it is really that green here -yes, yes it is.

 It is always a challenge to get a good photo of all three kids at the same time!

On our way back, Calvin decided to take a quick shower which meant Sophie had to join the fun!

 Beautiful Hike and another wonderful trip up to the gorge.


  1. gorgeous photos! What a great adventure! xoox

  2. Beautiful! I remember the slugs from when we lived in Seattle as a kid. I remember that the trail the slugs left sparkled,in the sunlight (which didn't seem to happen that often-so rainy!). I also remember that we would sprinkle salt on the slugs and watch them shrivel up - sorry Sophie :(. (I wouldn't be that mean now.)