Monday, May 14, 2012

This Child

It is Saturday night and I have each of the kids take a shower before bedtime.  This child of mine comes out of the shower all wet and wrapped in a towel and wants to snuggle on my bed.  As I hold him on my lap, I notice that his hair - though wet, does not smell clean.

Me: Calvin, did you wash your hair with shampoo?
Calvin: I got it wet and I think some soap got on it.
Me: Uh, Calvin, that is not good enough - you need to wash your hair with shampoo and get it really clean!
Calvin: (sitting up to look at me in the eyes) Mom, I have not used shampoo since we left Minnesota.

Just a reminder - we left Minnesota in June of 2011.



  1. hahahahaaa!!!! That is too funny! What a kid! Have been enjoying your posts...and I am just blown away by the beauty of your new home...not to mention the fact that you capture it so gorgeously with your awesome photog skills! Hope you are all doing well! Think about you often.

  2. Well, when I stop laughing . . .This is hysterical! what a boy!!!

    1. Opps, Barb, somehow I deleted one of your comments - sorry! No more trying to fix the blog at midnight!