Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt and Hike

On the Saturday before Easter, I organized a mid-singles hike and Easter Egg hunt.  The mid-singles are traditionally ages 30-45 ish single members of the church.  It is a really diverse group of people - some with kids and some without.  We started the hike in Lower MacLeay Park and hiked 2.5 miles up to the Pittock Mansion in Washington Park.  Some of the singles without kids ran ahead on the trail and hid eggs for the kids to find.  We had a ton of eggs and a beautiful, sunny day to be outside!

We stopped for a big hunt around the old stone house along the trail.  Lots of kids!


When we got up to the Pittock Mansion and stopped for lunch, I noticed Calvin was not wearing his new (Christmas gift) backpack.  When I asked him wear it was, he told me it was making his back sweaty so he took it off and left it on the trail!!  Stinker.

On the way back down, we looked for Calvin's backpack but could not find it.  Finally someone suggested we look at the Nature Conservancy Center which I was not even aware was near the trail.  I sent Max over and sure enough someone had turned it in.  Phew!

 Some of our new friends here in Oregon.

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