Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moving and Company

We have lots of family coming into town tomorrow through next Tuesday. My brother in law and his wife just had their fourth boy and he is being blessed on Sunday. My in-laws are coming into town along with my sister in law and her family which is wonderful as it is so hard to get up to New York to see them. My kids will be meeting two new cousins this weekend! My house has boxes tucked into every corner, a garage completely full of items to sell and I am still working full-time, but we are always excited for family to visit (just do not look too closely at my disorganized home)!

The kids are having mixed feelings about the upcoming move. I thought Sophie would have the hardest time as she has a big group of really sweet friends - and she tends to be a little emotional. However, she seems to be looking at this as a big adventure and is excited about the move and the fun visits with cousins over the summer. She has met with her friends and they have discussed sending letters, skyping and starting a blog to keep the B.U.G. club alive. Go Sophie.

Max is reacting about how I expected. He is worried and stressed. He's nervous about finding new friends and going to a new school and he is old enough that he is also worried about whether or not I will find a good job and if we will be able to get by financially in Oregon. He is a worrier and is very anxious about the whole thing.

I thought Calvin would have a hard time leaving the daycare kids, and he has already tried to convince several of them to move to Oregon and be our neighbors there. But, I assumed that he would take everything in stride much like he has with the divorce - he is sill so young to really understand. Last week he started having nightmares and he is now afraid of . . . everything. He does not like to be out of my sight, will not go upstairs or into the toy room alone - will not even go upstairs with one of his siblings. Most nights he will sleep in his room as long as Max is in there, but there are nights where he is too afraid to sleep unless he is sharing someone's bed. Yesterday we were cleaning upstairs and I kept handing him things to run downstairs to put away. When we finished, I found all of the things piled at the bottom of the stairs - he would go no further alone. So, I am not sure what is going on with little Calvin. I think part of the fear for him is losing another parent. Hopefully the road trip and cousins will help him to return to his happy go lucky personality.

I just love these photos of Max. He is growing like a weed and is pretty good at hitting a ball with a bat.


  1. That's the awfulness of moving - angst for and about how the kiddos will go with it.

    (Best book I've seen and bought about moving is "Boomer's Big Day" - Amazon has it, and it's gorgeous).

    I'm keeping you (all) in my prayers!

  2. Your kids look like they just walked out of a J.Crew magazine! I love it!!!!