Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sophie Style

I have about a months worth of these waiting to be posted - oops.

Sweater - Hanna Anderson (sale!), shirt and shoes - Target, skirt - Gap, Necklace - Charlotte Russe, flower on headband - I made it. Yes, she left for school with wet hair.

Dress - Gap, shirt and shoes - Target, legging - Old Navy, clip - I made it.

Sweater, dress and headband - Target. Boots - Marshalls. Her hair was all kinds of wonky this day.

Dress - Target (they are on sale now for $11). I LOVE this dress because it is long enough and it has sleeves! Thank you Target. As you can see, I bought a size up hoping to get several years wear out of it. Pettiskirt and tights - Yard Sale. Boots - Marshalls (a couple of years old now). Green Flower Clip - I made it.

Dress - Gap, tights and headband - WalMart, boots - Marshalls (if you live around here, the best Marshalls for shoes is the one in Lakeville). Necklace - yard sale.

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  1. She is too, TOO cute. What a little fashionista!! :)