Monday, April 11, 2011

Craft: Recycled Spring Flowers

Think spring! All of the snow is gone from our yards and we are ready for spring! This is one of those "use up some of the recycling materials I cannot seem to throw away" kind of crafts.

Give each child some cardboard - a shoe box lid or something along those lines. Cut up a whole bunch of egg cartons to make different kinds of flower shapes.

I had some kids start painting their backdrops green and blue while others started painting the flowers.

This way, every kid has something to do while they wait to paint their backdrop. It also meant that I only needed one plate of each color as we passed them around.

Um, the kids will get messy - fyi.

Set aside the backdrops and the flowers to dry. Once dry, glue the flowers to the green portion of the backdrops.

Still messy.

They should not look something like this:

Next, pull out some pom poms and let the kids glue them to the insides of their flowers.

Cute craft and very messy kids.

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