Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whipped Fruit

So, my plans to take off those 6 pounds from Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years have been rather unsuccessful. Most likely because I have been eating a lot of cookies. Thus, the gloves are coming off and I am embarking on a two week cleanse. OK, the only thing I'm really planning on doing is cutting out sugar, running regularly and watching what I eat. Wish me luck! If you'd like to join in, I will be reporting back on Sunday with the results.

This morning I made a smoothie for breakfast. About a cup of strawberries, half a cantaloupe, 1 cup orange juice, three cups water and ice cubes. I had two big glasses full and a hard boiled egg.

Here's the thing. I have been in kind of a funk lately. Not depressed, just anxious about upcoming decisions and feeling like I have so much to do that I do not know quite where to start. The decisions I've had to make lately have been weighing on me - I know the direction I need to take for my little family, but it does not make the reality any easier. I sometimes wish nothing had to change ever because I love my life that we have built here.

Since we just received another 18 inches of snow, it looks like winter is going to be around for a lot longer than I'd like. I miss being outside and being able to go for a walk or for a run after work. I miss warm days and sunshine even though it is absolutely gorgeous outside right now. We are living in a winter wonderland and I should be appreciating the beautiful snow instead of wishing it away.

So, all of that rambling adds up to this: too many cookies, too many cold early mornings staying in my warm bed cuddled up with little Calvin instead of dragging myself to the gym and too many late night cups of hot cocoa while wrapped up on the couch in layers of blankets and wool socks. I am going to do better if only to make myself feel better. I need some energy and a positive outlook on the next couple of months.

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  1. You thinking about moving?

    Sorry about the recent pudgy comments about myself. You know I'm highly self loathing when it comes to body image. Sorry to be so vocal about it though. I know it's annoying. I've gained 10+ lbs this year myself and have mixed feelings about it. It came on because I am no longer depressed and running 4 hours a day. Instead I'm cleaning, taking care of my kids, thinking about other people instead of my delusional negative fantasies. So it's a good thing, but at the same time, my eating has become a little junky. I need to find some balance. Think about it just enough to stay healthy and make good choices, but not obsess about it. I'm stressing so much about my kids right now It's making me stress eat as well.