Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yard Sale Love

These are from a couple of weeks ago. Last week the yard sales were a huge disappointment. I need my bargain therapy!

3 red books - $1.00
green twine - free
carousel horse salt and pepper shakers (a gift) - $1.00
6 cute glass dessert cups - $0.50 each
1 happy vintage spoon rest for the stove -$1.00

1 old round cheese box - $3.00

Yesterday I painted the back of my front door. It used to be white and now it is green. I am toying with the idea of painting the front of the front door green as well. I don't know though, the gold (was supposed to be chartreuse) is kind of growing on me!


  1. How funny! You are the second friend that posted today that they have painted their door green! That stuff is so cute. Ron won't let me decorate with old stuff. The magazine I stole from the doctor's office today had some rooms I envied so much. They layered old area rugs so that they were wall to wall. It looked so cool. They called it a "Kaleidoscope Home." Everything was mix and match and vintage. I might outlive Ron and be able to do that someday. I also might get enough money one day sooner that will allow me to have my own little vacation home that I can decorate however I want!!

  2. The photo, with the red books, would make a lovely still life. It is so pretty!