Saturday, July 18, 2009

Robin's Egg Blue

We found a robin's egg in the garden. I never realized they were so small and so pretty. Max had a bird hop over his feet in the backyard today as he stood very still. A few minutes later, the same bird stood on his hand for a few moment before flying away. Delight.


  1. We found a nest in our front yard last week. It was so low and close to the front door that we were surprised that we didn't notice when there were birds in it. It's empty now, but we took a good look at it and were amazed at what a perfect little home it is. Totally tight and perfectly shaped. It's incredible that they are able to do that with some mud, sticks, a little plastic and paper... (they are 21st century birds after all.)

  2. You take great pictures!! Hope you don't mind I stopped by!