Saturday, July 18, 2009

Because it's still cold . . .

I have not really been taking many photos. We have been hibernating - lots of blankets and books all over the house.

Here are some shots of our 4th of July BBQ. Despite the injuries to our persons and the broken dishwasher, I think it was a success. The rain had left by the time we ate, allowing us to sit outdoors on the towel dried chairs!

The menu: Grilled brats, blue-cheese stuffed bacon burgers with farmers market tomatoes, onions and greens, fresh corn on the cob, watermelon, jello salad with blueberries, root beer floats, cold vegi platter (new potatoes, red and yellow beets, radishes and baby carrots - all from the farmers market) with a cumin, lime-cilantro dip, chips, fresh corn and tomato salad with cilantro and mint and lemon pound cake, coconut cake and homemade chocolate chunk brownies with ice cream. We were all left fat and very happy - Yum!

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  1. you had me at blue cheese stuffed bacon burgers!!!! that sounds so delish!