Friday, March 27, 2009

Como Zoo - Spring Flower Show

We have not been up to the Como Zoo in St. Paul for a very long time, but after reading about the spring flower show in the paper, I decided we needed to get up there and smell some spring! It was cold, rainy and dreary on Tuesday (like every day this week) but we brought gloves and hats and braved the cold.

Once inside, it was not cold at all, in fact it was humid and damp and really hard to take a photo since my lens kept fogging up!

We stayed by this koi pond for a very long time. There were so many fish and they kept coming right up to the kids and making kissy faces at them!

This is the main arboretum space - so beautiful! It smelled warm and springy and delicious.

After lunch, we braved the outdoors to see the monkeys, tigers and lions, zebras and giraffes (they always look so sad in their small enclosed winter spaces) as well as the penguins and sea lions. We were very wet and a bit chilly by the time we left, but everyone had a great time!

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