Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Visitors at the Rose Gardens

Later that same day, we drove Rachael and Isaac around the lakes in Minneapolis, saw all of the gorgeous old and new mansions, visitied the rose gardens at Lake Harriet, stopped by the sculpture garden and picked up some great ice cream at Sebastian Joe's (try their raspberry chocolate chip - yum!). After just a few days, Rachael and Isaac were off on the rest of their road trip to Seattle/Utah/Idaho! We were all jealous and wished we could have jumped in the van and followed them!


  1. What a beautiful view of the park with the city in the background. Love the big cherry. My 5-y-o wants to know where we can get one.

  2. We were both impressed by all the beautiful places you showed us and how much there is to do in Minneapolis.
    I tried the pineapple on the grill a couple times now and it is soo good. Thanks for making that for us. And I would love the recipe for the eggplant wraps and your favorite salad. We loved all your good food!