Thursday, July 24, 2008

The 4th of July - that just happened - right?

We had a busy day on the 4th. We started the day at the Eagan parade. The kids sat down on the curb to watch the show and to be closer to the people throwing candy and handing out stickers. Bryan and I were content to hang out in our chairs reading books in the shade (we have learned that that the parade can be a bit slow at times!).

After the parade, we ate our picnic lunch and then made our way over to the carnival. They had some rides and food vendors and we shared some ice cream while we walked around. We let the kids each go on two rides. Sophie and Calvin chose this roller coaster. Calvin was really excited when he got in his seat and then as soon as the ride started he was TERRIFIED! Do you see him hiding in the seat next to Sophie?

I guess he looked frightened enough - there was a lot of screaming - that the attendant stopped the ride to get him off and then started it again! Sophie loved it!

Calvin seemed to like the fun house better though he had to be convinced to come down the slide at the end.

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