Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday afternoon in the Park

While we waiting for David and Trisha to get out of church last Sunday, Bryan drove us over to a local park where he likes to run. It was a gorgeous day and Bryan led us on a 2 mile loop around one of the lakes. We should have planned ahead and worn sensible shoes!!

Yes, Max needs a serious haircut.
LOOK!! Signs of spring!
Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin lost Hobbes on this day - not at the park, but we cannot find him. There have been many tears and sad wailing of "I need Hobbes! . . . Hobbes is frightened of the scary monsters! . . . We need find him! . . . " We're still looking.

The two miles got a little long for Calvin since all of the kids ran most of the way.

We saw lots of turtles out in the sun . . .
The kids looked really hard for fish . . .
Sophie kept yelling "take a picture of me!" as we walked along the trail . . .
and I did . . .
Such a pretty place and a beautiful day!

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  1. I was going to say that Max looked a little hairy. I think it looks cool though... Those pictures of Sophia are beautiful, and I hope that you are able to find Hobbes for Calvin. Poor thing. What beautiful nephews and niece I have! Bryan is looking awesome too!

    I think Greg will be jealous when he sees all those turtles. I think they are so cool! I want one for our front pond but considering our frog and fish don't get along I'm not sure I should introduce another friend into the mix!