Friday, May 9, 2008

Stake Enrichment Breakfast

Last Saturday I spent the morning in Oakdale at the Stake Enrichment Meeting. I was asked to prepare breakfast for 125 sisters. I spent all day on Friday baking and made 2 apple pie coffee cakes, 2 vanilla cinnamon coffee cakes, dozens of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, banana pecan crumble muffins and sweet cornmeal pecan muffins as well as the chocolate buttermilk scones listed below. The house smelled GREAT on Friday! Two of the ladies in the ward made cinnamon rolls and another friend cut up all of the fruit for the fruit platters. The breakfast was a success and luckily only about 70 sister showed up because they asked them to come fasting and by the time brunch came along, people were hungry!!! I had planned on 2 pastries per person, but we almost went through everything I brought!!!

While I was in Oakdale, Bryan was running a 10k race and Koo came down and took Sophie to her first ever dance photos. I will refrain from telling you what Koo thought Sophie looked like in her extremely tacky day-glo dance outfits that cost over $100.00. Sometimes I think there is no filter between Koo's brain and her mouth! I'll post some photos of her after the dress rehearsal.


  1. Sorry I missed the breakfast...looks very yummy! I was at dance pictures and ran into Koo and the kids there. :)

  2. The food looks so good and well presented. Would you mind posting the recipes? I would especially love to try the coffee cakes. Great job pulling all that together. I know it's a lot of work.