Friday, May 23, 2008

Out of Towners

On Thursday of last week my Dad and Grandma arrive for Max's baptism weekend and Koo's graduation. My mom arrived on Friday. We had a very busy weekend with all of the family events, but we also spent some wonderful time just hanging around the house together and catching up. Dad and Grandma had to leave on Tuesday, but Mom is here for another week!

Max and Grandma share a love for Chinese checkers though the adults played "owen" more times than I can remember!

We did some baking - big surprise!

We all were in the middle of books - Dad read Rule of Four and a The Broker while he was here. Mom just finished Twilight and New Moon.

The kids loved sneaking down in the morning and climbing in bed with Grandpa to wake him up! There is no privacy in our house - we do not have a guest room so Dad and Mom were in the living room at the bottom of the stairs! Grandma slept in Sophie's pink room which Sophie was extremely pleased about!

We went to the park that is 2 blocks from our house. Johnny and Calvin love the swings . . .

. . . especially if Grandpa pushes them!

Sometimes Grandpa joins the fun himself!

This is the pond by the park - there are birds everywhere right now!

We spent one morning at the sculpture garden in Minneapolis and then toured around the downtown lakes looking at all of the gorgeous mansions.


  1. Your dad looks so sweet with the grandkids!

  2. I love playing Owen! We're going to Island Park this year, so I'm sure I'll get my chance to play too.