Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sunday Stroll

This past Sunday the temperature actually rose to above 50 degrees!!! We decided this alone was reason enough to celebrate and headed out for a Sunday stroll. Stacey (the voice of reason) suggested we walk around the neighborhood, while Bryan wanted to go to the park. "The last several days have been warm and dry" he reasoned when Stacey mentioned the possibility of the trails at the park being wet. Stacey further commented that warm weather meant melting snow which usually translates to MUD. Off to the park we went.

Here is the start of the trail. Looks promising huh?

Stacey was not amused. What is he smirking about?! He obviously does not do the laundry around here.

I hate washing shoes.

The trail was a big mud pit and very slippery! Calvin, of course bit it.

Did I mention the laundry?
For all my complaining, it was actually a very pretty walk (aside from the mud). The kids had a blast running down the trails and searching for sticks, rocks and acorns in the woods.

Calvin found himself a walking stick.

We did find some signs of spring . . .

. . . and lot of animal tracks. Sophie decided these were from a small bear and a wolf.

And yes, there was a LOT of laundry. Sigh.


  1. Haha, that's kind of funny only because I was the one who wanted to go to a park to walk, but Isaac was the voice of reason saying the exact same things... muddy, melting snow etc. Our walk through the park wasn't quite THAT muddy, but there were definitely streams from melting snow that aren't normally there.
    btw, I LOVE Sophie's hair!

  2. And such an adorable family!

    Love to you all!

  3. What a cute family. Bryan is so photogenic. I really like his smile. I can totally relate to how you were feeling Stac. I would be thinking the exact same things. How funny!

  4. ahh, what a great sacrifice for your family, and what great pics to scrap!!!

  5. BLEGCH!!! Put that on Max's spelling list. Definition: gross. Mud should only be walked in in warm weather in bare feet, or rolled in while wearing a swimming suit!

  6. we go to the barn every week for gracie's horseback lessons. there was LOTS of mud and puddles in the beginning of march. poor jake had to stay in the car with my mom because i refused to push his wheelchair through it (and then more importantly have to put it back in my car). lily and evan had a blast in the mud though. they would wear rubber and boots and play in all the mud puddles, and yes, evan biffed it once. i now put plastic things down in my car and make everyone take off their boots before getting in their seats. mud sure is not fun for mom clean-up, but my kids love it too!

    by the way, those pics of the shower food make me so hungry. i swear if you didn't keep posting pictures of all that snow, i would be so begging my husband to find a job in minnesota so i could more regularly taste your cooking!

    and, yes, very impressive easter egg hunt in the snow. although, i'm glad mine was the lame variety of egg hunt on damp ground on windy day.

  7. It looks like Calvin and Greg have something in common, Greg loves finding walking sticks! He used to throw a fit if he wasn't allowed to bring it home... Maybe I should have let him, then we could have built some pretty funky furniture with all of them!