Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bryan's gone crazy - The Chippewa Moraine 50k

Saturday was Bryan's first ultra-marathon race. The Chippewa Moraine 50k Trail Run. The weather has been terrible and there was plenty of snow, slush and mud on the trails. The conditions made for a very slow race. The winner was Joe Ziegenfuss at 5:00:37. Last year he ran the Afton 50k in 4:21:49 and the Superior Trail 50k in 4:23:53, and those courses are very hilly and typically run the same person at least 45 minutes longer than a flatter 50k like the Trail Mix 50k -- so that gives you an idea of the difference in the conditions on this one.

Here are the racers at the start.

Trail conditionsBryan's finishing time: 7:51:02
rank: 97th out of 134 starters and 119 finishers (i.e. there were 15 starters who DNF'd, did not finish)

His toes were pretty scary when he got home - he lost a couple of toenails and had some serious blood blisters, but overall, he said that he felt better than after the Twin Cities Marathon. We are very proud of his accomplishment and his crazy new hobby!

The website for the Chippewa Moraine 50k race has maps, a course description, and the full results:

Finish Line


  1. That is seriously insane!! Wow! At this point in my life it's enough for me just to climb the stairs a couple times a day. :)

  2. Being mathmatically challenged, is 50k equal to approximately 31 miles???? So besides crazy and insane - CONGRATULATIONS on finishing (not to mention even starting!!!)

    I'm walking 60 miles in September (but that's over 3-days) so I can admire what effort that must take.

    Love, Aunt Barb

  3. Wow, that's really amazing that he did that! But gross that he lost a couple toe nails- ouch! How does he walk the next day?
    Great job Bryan!

  4. Congrats! But the man is crazy. :)