Thursday, July 7, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

A few weeks before leaving Minnesota, we welcomed a visitor from New York - my friend Peter. He drove into town with his car loaded with moving blankets to help with the move and stayed for the long weekend with some friends of ours.

The Monday before he arrived, I spent 4 1/2 hours having oral surgery on a root canal gone very bad. Four and a half hours of surgery left me looking like someone had beaten me on the side of my mouth and I was in A LOT OF PAIN. I managed to take just Tylenol with Codeine at night and lots of Advil and Tylenol during the day, but by the weekend, I was dying. Dying! By Sunday I was on Percocet which makes me completely useless - I can't even keep my eyes open, much less function. So, poor Peter came right before we moved - the house was filled with moving boxes and chaos - and I was a puffy, drugged painful mess. Nice. Very nice - but you know what? That's just reality.

Despite my drugged state, we managed to see some fun places for the last time and have a great weekend. On Saturday we took a picnic up to Lake Harriet and then went over to Sebastian Joe's for ice cream. Max's friend Greg came and spent the day with us as well.

After ice cream, we said our goodbyes to the sculpture garden in Minneapolis. I love this place!

This photo cracks me up.

Sophie found a beautiful robin egg on the ground.

After the Sculpture Garden, we headed over to the new Target Field to watch a Twins game. I had never been to Target field or for that matter to a professional baseball game so it was quite a treat to get to go before leaving Minnesota!

We brought some treats (LOVE Calvin in this photo) and the kids all wore their Twins shirts.

The game was kind of awesome - not a single run until overtime . . . is it called overtime? Extra inning? Clearly I am not a sporty kind of girl.

The kids got to buy some very expensive little snacks which they loved. Snacks at the ball field are kind of like snacks at the fair - super fun and so overpriced!

Somehow, the Twins actually won the game! From what I understand, they had been having a rotten season, so it was amazing that the one game we watched - they won! Much cheering ensued. Thank you Peter, for taking us out to the ball game. It was so much fun!

By the way, it took another two weeks for my mouth to start really feeling better. I switched to Vicodin at night for a few days which also knocked me flat but did not leave me feeling nauseous and fuzzy and then went back to Advil. That was a mean surgery and I am grateful that I am no longer swollen and miserable. Nice timing on that huh?


  1. "Scrappycook" I hope that Max will continue in Scouting there in Portland. I am with Troop 478 and am the webmaster for our troopsite. If Max can hang in there and make EAGLE, it will totally change his life [ trust me on this ]and his lifetime resume [ ditto ]. I bet Portland is a great place for Scouting. In fact, I did some looking for you: In Portland: There is Troop 351, Troop 1, Troop 207. Here is the URL that I did in Google:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c488823cce0a6f39&biw=921&bih=542

    I bet Calvin would make a great scout. Anyway, I am a serious Christian and pianist for my church. I am praying for you, "Scrappycook" and for your 3 wee bearans [ Scottish ]. Yes, I will be in prayer ... Oh and BTW, here is my scout troop's nice website: ...jesse

  2. Looks like fun!!! Sorry about your mouth. :o( That sculpture garden is so cool!