Friday, July 8, 2011

A Farewell to the Barfed Up Lung

When I was in High School I had two best friends - Greg and Maria. Greg went to school with me at South Burlington High, and Maria went to school across town. I know some people did not enjoy High School, but I loved it - primarily because of these two. Let's not discuss Middle School because it was horrid.

I was a drama/choir nerd in High School and Greg was a band/art nerd with a little bit of preppy thrown in. One day after art, he proudly showed me this creation he had made. I looked it over and said "I think it looks like a barfed up lung". After he got over the insult and the mad laughter, he decided to give it to me as a gift - and for the last twenty years, we have been passing this thing back and forth.

Whenever one of us visits the other, whoever has the barfed up lung brings it and tries to get rid of it in the other persons home. We are usually nice and fill it with candy first. It has been in my house ever since Greg flew in for a visit and a Christmas cookie bake--a-thon.

Now, we are moving and though I threatened to send Greg the lung through the mail, he pleaded for me not to as he recently moved into a tiny little NYC apartment. So, I took some photos . . .

. . . bid it farewell and added it to the piles of stuff going off to the discerning patrons of our local Goodwill.

Maybe someone will recognize the signature of this now successful interior designer and snatch up this piece of pottery for their very own. Or, perhaps it is even now precariously perched on the coffee table of someone who should be on the show Hoarders and is being used as an ashtray. We'll never know.

Thanks for the memories, barfed up lung.

(puffy face due to aforementioned surgery)

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  1. This was a fun post - what a great memory! And how nice for you that you got to visit with your friend, Greg before you moved west.

    xo aunt Barb