Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Interstate State Park

Monday was supposed to be the nicest day of spring break week so I loaded six kids in the car, met up with Kelly and headed out to do some hiking. The forecast said 50 degrees however, the warmest it got was a balmy (OK freezing) 38 and cloudy. We drove a little more than an hour North to Interstate State Park. Before we left I had the kids watch a video about the geological pot holes the park is famous for. Though many of the trails were still too icy, we were able to see many of the pot holes and have a great time climbing on the rocks and trails.

The park is on both sides of the river in Minnesota and Wisconsin and we visited each side. On the Wisconsin side we had the coldest picnic ever by the river and then went on a hike we later dubbed "The Poop Walk" by the amount of animal droppings we had to navigate. The kids informed me the droppings were from an herbivore, because of their shape and contents (don't ask how they found that out).

We will have to go back and visit again when it is warmer and I imagine the park would be simply gorgeous in the fall. One word of warning: the trails travel along many cliffs so you need to have enough adults or older kids to hold the hands of every young child.

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  1. What an interesting place to hike! Love the pix. For whatever reason, I really love the picture that's 3rd from the bottom. Too cute. Actually, all of your kids are so adorable!

    xoxoxo aunt Barb