Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eat This - Not Those Girl Scout Cookies

This is why I will never earn any income from blogging - I am inconsistent. I have big plans to blog daily or to report back on my eating better challenge, but then life happens and I just don't get around to posting. Oh well. This is clearly not my season for having spare time.

I did eat better this week. I increased my vegetable intake dramatically and I made it to the gym twice (go me!). However, I did not lose any weight. I blame this on the Thin Mints and the chocolate chunk raisin cookies I made for my class on Sunday - oh, and that trip to Trader Joe's (have you tried the frozen chocolate croissants?!?). So, shame on me.

The talks in sacrament meeting on Sunday focused on forgiving ourselves. So, I am over it and moving on. I can and will do better because I want to be healthy and I want to have more energy to be a good Mom and to enjoy this life. If that results in me fitting into my skinny jeans, so much the better!

Here are some of the good things I made and enjoyed this week. Up at the top was dinner last night. Salmon with warm lentil salad served with fresh steamed green beans. Delicious. Sophie enjoyed this with me while the boys decided on pasta leftovers after making numerous gagging noises. I did not push it as I only had so much salmon and if they were not going to appreciate it - forget it.

This salad was lunch one day: spinach, turkey breast, strawberries, tomatoes and bean sprouts. I love bean sprouts.

One of my favorite smoothie combinations: cantaloupe, mango and pineapple with plain nonfat greek yogurt, water and ice. I tried the Costco brand greek yogurt and I like the Trader Joe's version better.

Sunday dinner - the kids LOVED these. The briche rolls are from Trader Joe's and they make the sandwich. Ham with melted fontina, spinach, tomatoes and avocado. The kids skipped the tomatoes but loved the spinach and avocado. Calvin has been watching a Popeye DVD lately and has taken to eating spinach salad with his lunch daily. Go Popeye!

So, new start. I went the the gym this morning and I am determined to have better results for you next week. Wish me luck!

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  1. Those pictures make me hungry!!!! All of it looks healthy and yummy! Go girl! You can do it!