Monday, August 27, 2012

Decorating for the Fair

Several weeks ago, Sophie and her girlfriends gathered at the little house to decorate cakes for the Oregon State Fair.  They decided to enter the birthday cake competition and needed to complete their cakes almost a month before the actual fair (and by cake I mean Styrofoam cake mold).

By some rude trick of nature, it was the hottest day of the summer with temperatures reaching 100 degrees.  Since the little house is . . . little, we spent most of the morning working on the back deck on folding tables before the heat drove us indoors.

The girls chose a Mario theme for their cakes and had a great time rolling fondant and making a huge mess.  The final cakes were adorable and all three deserve to take home first prize!  We are headed to the fair tomorrow to see their cakes and the judging.



*** Update***
So, a bit of sad news.  We checked out the cakes at the fair and none of the girls received a ribbon.  In fact, there were no ribbons awarded in the kids group and I am not sure why.  FAIL Oregon State Fair.  Oh well, the girls still had a great time and I think they all deserved a blue ribbon!


  1. Very cute and very clever and ambitious of Sophie and her friends!!! Very industrious of them on such a hot day also! :)

  2. These cakes are amazing!! What creative girls they sell are! Good luck to them and please let us know how they did.

    Xoxoxo aunt barb

  3. So??? How did the fair go? These cakes are so cute. They win Grand Prize in my book!!


    Aunt barb

  4. No ribbons :( It was a good experience for them though. Sophie just found out that the three of them are in the same 5th grade classroom so she is super excited!