Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve and one sick kid

After returning home from Christmas Eve dinner, still stuffed to the gills, we all changed into Christmas pajamas (no new ones this year - the olds ones still fit fine) and read the Christmas story. We sang some songs and each of the kids opened one gift before being ushered off to bed. After checking to make sure if Santa needed any help, and maybe watching a movie together, Bryan and I headed off to bed.

*stop reading now if you are eating or have a weak stomach.

Sometime during the night, little Calvin became ill (not sick, ill from too much chocolate cake) and threw up all over his bed. Bryan gave him a shower while I changed the sheets and cleaned the carpet in his room and the trail into our room. Bryan threw the sheets into the washer. After his shower, Calvin wanted to sleep with us so I laid a couple of towels in the center of the bed and snuggled up with him. I don't know how much time passed. I am completely worthless in the middle of the night. Calvin woke up again and threw up all over our bed - and cleverly managed to miss the towels. Another shower, another bed stripped and remade, more fresh pajamas and we fell into bed again exhausted hoping we had seen the last of the evil chocolate cake.

Needless to say, when Max and Sophie woke up on Christmas morning at 7:00am, we were completely unresponsive. I sent them to their rooms to read with strict warnings about going downstairs. They were pretty patient as Calvin slept until 9:00am. So, in all of the Christmas morning photos, Calvin is the only one not in Christmas pajamas. They were all in the wash.

Ho, ho, hurl.

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