Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gratitude Day #17

#1. I am grateful for teaching. I had a group of ten little girls over last night for a cooking class. We made two Martha Cookie recipes - vanilla and chocolate mice and lemon wreaths. I love this age group. They are young, enthusiastic and eager to learn and made great little students. We baked and sampled and had a great time. I am so glad Sophie has the wonderful group of girls in her life. By the time they left, my lack of sleep for the week caught up to me and I could only manage to read about a page of my book before crashing.

#2. I am grateful for Marsha who drove from store to store yesterday searching for black licorice laces for the mice tails. We ended up settling for red laces, but I appreciate her help in finding that last ingredient for me.

#3. I am grateful for a packet of photos from a scouting camp out this summer. Because of my job, I am unable to volunteer at many of the children's events these days. It was very fun to be able to flip through the photos and get to see Max at camp - the boys had a lot of fun! Thank you Heather.

#4. I am grateful for nothing on the calendar for this evening. I plan on going to bed early.

#5. I am grateful for change. We have some big decisions to make as a family in the next few months. I am grateful for prayer and for the listening ear of friends and family as I try and make the correct decision for our little family of four. Change is good. Scary, intimidating and a lot of work, but good.